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Festival of Tolerance


From 9-15 April the 10th jubilee Festival of Tolerance takes place in Zagreb, presenting more than 60 movies chosen with the goal of promoting tolerance and diversity.

The movie selection includes those related to the issue of the Holocaust (Let's Go, My Nazi Legacy, the documentaries Every Face Has a Name and Spectres of the Shoah...) and the lives of minority groups (Toto and His Sisters) among others. In addition to the presentation of the movies, the Festival includes other activities as well, for example educational mornings, expert lectures, round tables, exhibitions, and musical events.

This year’s program includes a photography exhibition of the Italian photographer Alessandro Pensa, dedicated to the subject of immigrants in the Mediterranean, and expert lectures by Svetlana Agrest-Korotkova and Luigi Dei (Throughout History To The “New Wave” Of Ukrainian Cinema, Primo Levi: Chemistry, Literature and Memory).

Since 2009 the educational morning program has been held through the year, not only for more than 17,000 students in 14 Croatian cities, but also for students in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Austria. Witin the framework of the educational morning program, double Academy Award winner producer Branko Lustig will hold a lecture about his own experience in the concentration camps of the Nazi regime, Mirko Ilić will hold a lecture entitled Symbols of Hate and Frank Stern will speak about Remembering Through Film.

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