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Online Antisemitism


On 19 April the International Network Against Cyber Hate and the Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism organized an international conference on online antisemitism in Jerusalem.

The conference brought together dozens of experts from multiple countries, including Israeli legislators and Ms. Katharina von Schnurbein, the recently appointed European Commission Coordinator on combating antisemitism.

The IHRA Executive Secretary, Dr Kathrin Meyer, took part in a panel entitled 'Towards Solutions – Education, Counterspeech and coalition building'. Mark Wetzman, Chair of IHRA's Committee on Antisemtisim and Holocaust Denial also participated in the conference.

The programme was hosted by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the schedule featured a number of panels highlighting the importance and diversity of the issue at hand, ranging from “The relevance and influence of right-wing antisemitism and Holocaust denial on the digital landscape,” to "Antisemitism mainstreamed: the inversion of perpetrators and victims, Radical Islam and the ‘new’ antisemitism." The full programme is available here.

The conference aimed to end on a more optimistic note, as participants hear – and propose – strategies for moving forward in the attempt to fight online hate speech.