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Conference "?Raoul Wallenberg: Symbol or Mystery??" Held in Sweden


The Living History Forum, in partnership with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is holding a conference on Raoul Wallenberg in Stockholm from October 18-19 2012.

The event is also being coordinated with the cooperation of the ITF delegations of Belgium, Hungary, and the United States.

The conference focuses on the following issues:

  • Current update on the historiography on Raoul Wallenberg's deeds and his destiny after January 17th 1945
  • •The representation of Raoul Wallenberg, Raoul Wallenberg as the symbol of…

More information can be found in the conference program.

The conference is targeted towards scholars within these research fields, diplomats and decision makers with missions in connection with these areas and professionals and students within the field of culture and education.

Further information on the Raoul Wallenberg memorial year in Sweden can be found on The Living History Forum's website: