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Anne Frank House Seminar: "Teaching the Holocaust by Bullets"


The Anne Frank House and Yahad-In Unum are presenting a seminar entitled "Teaching the Holocaust by Bullets: Witnesses, Archives, and Investigations."  This seminar will take place on 6-8 July, 2011 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The seminar's target audience is European history and religion teachers in secondary schools.  "Teaching the Holocaust by Bullets: Witnesses, Archives, and Investigations" is designed to deepen their knowledge and comprehension of the process of the extermination of Jewish and Roma victims in Eastern Europe during World War II.  During the seminar, participants will be invited to visit the Anne Frank House and the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam, which relate the history of the Dutch Jewish community.  Presentations will be made by researchers from the Yahad-In Unum association and by historians who specialize in the subject, with an emphasis on the Holocaust in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.  The seminar will highlight the importance of oral histories of survivors and witnesses.

The teachers in attendance will be given training on how to transmit the knowledge made available during the seminar.  Training will include workshops on the theory and practice of Holocaust education, and the Anne Frank House will share its wide range of teaching methods and educational tools.

All European secondary school teachers with a minimum of five years of experience are invited to apply by 30 April, 2011.  More information can be found here.