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69TH Anniversary of Jasenovac Camp Breakout


On 4 May 2014 a commemoration was held at the Jasenovac memorial to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the camp breakout. 

The ceremony took place at one of the locations of the camp complex active from 1941-1945 in which more than 83,000 people perished. Very few participants survived the breakout which occured at this location on 22 April 1945.

The commemoration was opened by Nataša Mataušić, as a president of the Memorial's Management Board. Alma Prica presented a letter of Katarina Dorčić, written to her family before being removed from Stara Gradiška to the Jasenovac camp, where she perished in 1945. Milinko Čekić, as a representative of the inmates, evoked his experience and memories of the child who was captured in this complex and was saved from being interned by the actions of the antifascists and humanists in 1942.

High officials also adressed to the participants of the commemoration.  The first speaker was Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, and Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko and President of the Republic Ivo Josipović followed him, accentuating the importance of tolerance and prevention of hatred in modern societies.

At the end of the ceremony representatives of the religious communities said prayers and wreaths were laid at the bottom of the Flower Monument.

Photo: Office of the President/Filip Širanović