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Byford, Jovan

Type of Entry: 
Individual Expert

Jovan Byford is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University (Milton Keynes). His interdisciplinary research has been particularly focused on conspiracy theories, antisemitism and Holocaust remembrance in Serbia. Findings of his research project on the post-war remembrance of the Semlin Judenlager in Belgrade were published as the book "Staro sajmište : mesto sećanja, zaborava i sporenja" (2011), available online. Numerous further publications include his research on Yugoslav Holocaust survivors’ testimonies, most recently: “Remembering Jasenovac. Survivor Testimonies and the Cultural Dimension of Bearing Witness”, in: Holocaust and Genocide Studies 18 (1), 2014, 58-84. He is currently working on a project looking at atrocity photographs and their role in forging the public remembrance of genocidal violence in Yugoslavia between 1941 and 1945.

Country based in: 
United Kingdom
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