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11 March 2008

IHRA Permanent Office established with a ceremony in Berlin, presided by the German Foreign Minister, members of IHRA delegations and other dignitaries.

15-18 June 2008

IHRA Working Group and Plenary sessions in Linz, including study tours of Mauthausen and Hartheim.

14-17 December 2008

IHRA Working Group and Plenary sessions take place in Vienna. The decision is adopted to establish an ad-hoc intersessional mechanism to address the questions of funding policy.

Spain became a member of the IHRA.  Turkey became an observer country.

Applications to the Project Proposal Applications (PPA) funding program, which ran prior to 2010, had been received from more than 25 countries across the globe.  Approximately 400 project proposals were received by the various IHRA Working Groups since 2001. More than half of all of the project proposals were reviewed by the Education Working Group.