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10-13 June 2007

IHRA Working Group meetings and Plenary session take place in Prague. It was decided by consensus that the permanent secretariat would be established in Berlin. The Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA/EU) became an observer to the IHRA. The Chair issued a declaration on the importance about teaching the genocide of the Roma and Sinti.

During this meeting, Spain officially became a liaison country to the IHRA and Canada and Slovenia became observer countries. The Memorials Working Group (MWG) was renamed the Memorials and Museums Working Group (MMWG).

1-2 November 2007

Special Working Group on New Challenges to the IHRA met in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2-7 December 2007

IHRA Working Group and Plenary sessions in Prague, including study tour of Terezin.

Estonia became a member of the IHRA and Ireland became an observer country. Dr. Kathrin Meyer was nominated as the Executive Secretary of the IHRA.