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1 February 2001

At this meeting of IHRA delegates in Berlin, it was decided to admit Austria as the tenth member country of the IHRA as well as establish an Education Working Group (EWG).

March 2001

Discussions were held concerning the first project proposal application (PPA) to the IHRA Fund, concerning a teacher-training seminar for Lithuanian and Polish teachers in Krakow. This was the first program supported with funding from the IHRA endowment fund.

2-5 May 2001

Meeting of IHRA delegates in Amsterdam in conjunction with the Amsterdam Conference on Remembrance coordinated with study trips to Westerbork, Anne Frank House and other authentic Holocaust-related sites in the Netherlands.

11-13 September 2001

First-ever three-day meeting of the Education Working Group of the IHRA in Jerusalem organized outside of IHRA Plenary sessions. Suggested IHRA guidelines for educators were formulated for the first time at this meeting. Later other meetings of the EWG, outside of Plenary, were conducted in Budapest (2003); Vilnius (2005); Zagreb (2007); and Paris (2008) and Bratislava (2009).

23-24 October 2001

Meeting of IHRA delegates in The Hague. A representative from the Council of Europe attended an IHRA Plenary session for the first time as an observer.