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26-28 January 2000

The Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust was held, bringing together high-ranking political leaders and officials from more than forty countries to meet with civic and religious leaders, survivors, educators, historians and others who have dedicated their work to promote Holocaust education, commemoration and research.

Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel served as the Forum's honorary Chairman and Professor Yehuda Bauer was the senior Academic Advisor to the forum.

The Stockholm Declaration, drafted by IHRA delegates, was signed by participating countries at the closing session of this conference. A copy of the declaration can be found under the “Stockholm Declaration” tab.

In addition, at the IHRA delegates meeting within the framework of this international gathering in Stockholm, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested that it would oversee the newly established IHRA endowment fund. From 2000-2005, the annual pledge of each member state was approximately US$25,000.

10-11 April 2000

Meeting of IHRA delegates in Berlin under German Chairmanship. A visit to the former Nazi concentration camp Sachsenhausen was also organized for the meeting participants.

26 July 2000

First meeting of the Academic Working Group in Berlin, chaired by Professor Yehuda Bauer.

25-26 September 2000

Meeting of IHRA delegates in Weimar in conjunction with a visit to the former Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald. The suggestion to establish a memorials Working Group was proposed during these proceedings.

By the end of 2000, daily communication between IHRA delegates was conducted via email via the IHRA listserves (administrated by the USHMM).