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ITF Chair's statement on Iranian Holocaust denial website

ITF Israelian Chairmanship 2010 logo

It has come to my attention that a foundation linked to the Iranian regime has recently launched a website in English, Arabic and Farsi, dedicated to disseminating Holocaust denial propaganda and antisemitic imagery to an international audience.

The website promotes the idea that the Holocaust is a myth fabricated to advance the interests of the Jews and the State of Israel. Through crude cartoons and pseudo-historical statements it depicts Jews as murderers and money-worshipers.

The Iranian government has a history of vocal Holocaust denial and antisemitism. The ITF issued a statement against the caricature contest held by the Iranian government in 2006 intending to ridicule the Holocaust. In 2009, the ITF Chair from Norway condemned the antisemitic hate speech propagated by the Iranian President.

Now, as the ITF Chair for 2010, I am also compelled to condemn, in the strongest terms, this latest incitement to Holocaust denial intended to spread vile antisemitic propaganda over the Internet.