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ITF Outreach Roundtable in Kiev


On 25 and 26 October 2010 the ITF launched a pilot program for outreach in Ukraine. Officials from the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as representatives from numerous NGOs active in the fields of Holocaust education, remembrance, and research in Ukraine, were invited to attend.

The roundtable discussed issues of relevance to Holocaust remembrance in Ukraine and how to create partnerships between Ukraine and the ITF in the future. The ITF was represented by Ambassador Jacob Rosen of Israel on behalf of the 2010 chairmanship, the Executive Secretary and experts appointed by the ITF Working Groups.

The purpose of the outreach roundtable was to develop joint initiatives and foster cooperation with new partners in accordance with the objectives of ITF's three year grant strategy to: (1) increase government involvement in creating programs and infrastructure that will focus awareness on the Holocaust and contribute to combating antisemitism and xenophobia; (2) create sustainable structures for Holocaust education, remembrance, and research and, to that end, co-fund large-scale projects targeting multipliers; and (3) fund multilateral projects and thereby stimulate the international exchange of expertise and a shared culture of remembrance.