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ITF Announces New Name: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance


Delegates from 31 member countries, observer countries, and permanent observer organizations met under the Belgian Chairmanship of the ITF from December 10 to 13 in Liège.

The Mayor of the City of Liège, the Minister Presidents of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and the German-speaking Community, and the provincial government welcomed the 200 delegates.

During this session several important decisions were taken, including:

• Agreement on changing the name of the ITF to "International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance" (IHRA).  This name is visually supported by the logo designed by Daniel Libeskind.

• Progress on implementation of the multi-year work plan projects on research on killing sites, access to public and private archives containing documents and data related to the Holocaust, research on teaching the Holocaust, and the organization of days of remembrance of the Holocaust.

• Bulgaria joined Portugal, Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as an official Observer Country.

The Belgian Chairmanship of the IHRA continues until March 2013.  Canada will assume the Chairmanship from March 2013 to March 2014.