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Historic Sites Questionnaire: ITF Publication


The Historic Sites Questionnaire has been under development by the ITF's Memorials and Museums Working Group (MMWG) since 2008, as a follow-up to the resolution on historic sites adopted by the ITF in Prague in June 2007. The resolution recognized the extraordinary importance of researching and marking for posterity the physical locations where Holocaust-related events occurred. Consequently, ITF Member Countries are encouraged to undertake all possible measures to mark such sites, preserve them, and prevent their misuse. This includes also memorial museums for Nazi-victims which are not located on historical sites. The report entitled Historic Sites Questionnaire of the ITF Memorials and Museums Working Group examines the results of the ITF's Historic Sites Questionnaire within Member Countries and will continue to be updated. The report was compiled by MMWG expert Dr. Thomas Lutz in collaboration with researcher Sophie Perl. The report was released for publication by decision of the ITF Plenary.

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