Commission for Looted Art in Europe (ECLA)

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Non-profit expert representative body in Europe dealing with all matters relating to Nazi-looted art and other cultural property


provides guidance and assistance to claimants and communities around the world, supports and pursues individual restitution claims in all countries, provides research services & expertise to everyone, central registry of all information on looted art and other cultural property (including the results of research to identify looted works being carried out into museums' holdings across Europe), monitors international developments in the implementation of the Washington Principles in Nazi-Confiscated Art, and establishing codes of practice for dealing with looted art and other cultural property with the auction houses and art trade, establishing international alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve restitution claims

Established (Year): 1999

AHO Member: No


Anne Webber (Co-Chair)

David Lewis (Co-Chair)

Diane Michaels (Co-Chair)


Catharine House

76 Gloucester Place

W1H 4DQ London

United Kingdom


work (44)020-748-73401

fax (44)020-748-74211