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A Workshop for Journalists: The Holocaust in Czech Media


On 9 March, the Prague Jewish Museum will hold a seminar for journalists in cooperation with IHRA and the USC Shoah foundation.

Three thousand seven hundred and ninety two Czech and Moravian Jews from the Terezín family camp were murdered in the gas chambers of Auschwitz- Birkenau on the night of   March 8 – 9, 1944. This was the largest  mass  murder  of  Czechoslovak  citizens  in  the Second World War. The Prague Jewish Musuem would like to use this anniversary to reflect upon the representation of the Holocaust (Shoah) in the Czech media and on how specialized memory and educational institutions can contribute  to  a  better  understanding  of  the  topic  and improve the quality of journalistic writing on it.

The lectures will focus on topics such as which Holocaust-related topics are less often coveerd by the media, whether journalists contribute to antisemitic stereotypes and how to sort through the masses of Holocaust-related press releases and events. A workshop will provide concrete information on how to prepare for intervewing a historical witness.

The seminar will follow the opening of the Memorial of Shoah Victims in the Pinkas Synagogue.

Further information is availbale on the webpage in czech. The full programme is availbale in English here.