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Exhibit “Anne Frank – A History for Today” Opened in Tallinn


On 27 March 2013 the travelling exhibit “Anne Frank – A History for Today” was opened at Nõmme High School in Tallinn, Estonia.

The exhibit was opened by Minister of Education and Research Jaak Aaviksoo.

Ambassador of the Netherlands Jos Schellaars, who spoke at the exhibit, believes it is important that the story of Anne Frank is not forgotten and that it is introduced in Estonia.

Vootele Hanson, representing the Estonian Institute of Human Rights, added that the story told in the exhibit reminds us once again where it leads when an idea is considered more important than a person. “Attempts to implement such teachings in reality lead to violence and evil, because a person becomes a means to an end,” said Hanson.

The exhibit has been coordinated by the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands and has been displayed in many countries around the world. Now Estonia also gets the chance to appreciate the exhibit, as an Estonian-language translation has been prepared through the cooperation of the Estonian Institute of Human Rights and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The travelling Anne Frank exhibit is an education project geared first and foremost towards young people, who can learn more about the Holocaust and World War II through the exhibit. After its opening in Nõmme High School, the exhibit will move on to other schools in Estonia.

Additional information on the Anne Frank exhibit (in Estonian) can be found on the webpage of the Institute of Human Rights: