Danish Institute for International Studies, Department for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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DIIS is one of two institutes under the Danish Centre for International Studies and Human Rights, DCISM, the other institute being the Institute for Human Rights, IMR. DCISM was established with the aim of strengthening research, analysis, and information activities in Denmark concerning international affairs, i.e. the fields of foreign, security, and development policy; conflict; Holocaust, genocide and political mass murders; and human rights in Denmark and abroad. DCISM - and hence DIIS - was established by Act of Parliament on 29 May 2002 and started activities on 1 January 2003. DIIS is governed by a board of eleven members with representatives from the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and independent Danish scholars. Professor Georg Sörensen, University of Aarhus, is Head of the Board. DIIS is independent in all professional matters.The management of the institute is the responsibility of the director Nanna Hvidt.


The Department undertakes research, information and education on genocides and genocidal events. The Department is Denmark's only research, information and education unit in regards to genocide, mass violence, prosecution of these crimes against humanity, and reconciliation after such atrocities. ---------- Information and Educational Activities: Part of the Department's work is to bring up genocide for discussion and communicate knowledge on genocide to the public, politicians, media, public institutions, NGO's, and the entire educational sector. This is done through, amongst others, the annual Danish Auschwitz Day, educational materials (including educational websites), and seminars for students and teachers. The Department staff members are also available for public seminars in cinemas, libraries etc. ---------- Research: The Department explores both past and contemporary genocides. Besides studying the background, course and aftermath of such events, much importance is attached to the question of preventing future genocides. The Department staff covers a variety of disciplines including history, sociology, anthropology, law, and philosophy, resulting in multidisciplinary cooperation.

Established (Year): 2002

AHO Member: Yes


Cecilie Stokholm Banke (Head of Research Unit)

Sine Molbaek-Steensig (Information Officer)

Solvej Berlau (Head of Section, Auschwitz Day)


Oestbanegade 117

2100 Copenhagen O



work 45 32 69 87 87

fax 45 32 69 87 00