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To Return Dignity

Вернуть достоинство
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Yuri Kanner
President of the Russian Jewish Congress
Ilya Altman
Co-Chairman of the Research and Educational Holocaust Center, Moscow

The project “To Return Dignity” was initiated by the Russian Jewish Congress under its chairman Yuri Kanner, in cooperation with the Research and Educational Holocaust Center. It aims at adequate memorialization of Holocaust killing sites in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union. A first memorial was erected in Lubavichi (Smolensk District) in 2011, while 16 memorials have been erected or refurbished as of 2015, part of which with the contribution of Russian Evangelical Christians. The involvement of local schools, museums and Jewish communities is made possible thanks to existing networks including the Holocaust Center’s district representatives. The project’s website “The Babi Yars of Russia” provides information on more than 400 Holocaust killing sites in Russia.

Country based in: 
Russian Federation
Countries active in: 
Russian Federation, Ukraine